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20.02.2020, 17:00

Basketballturnier 1. Klassen

Traditionellerweise findet jeweils vor den Fasnachtsferien das Basketballturnier statt. Auch dieses Jahr war es ein erfolgreicher, umkämpfter Nachmittag unter den 1. Klassen. Ein herzliches Dankeschön an das...   mehr


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Summercamp blog in english by class 2Ag

Summer camp in Alpjen 2019

On Monday, I arrived a little bit late. Everybody else was already at the railway station. I said my farewells to my mobile phone and left. I was devastated to leave my vulnerable phone to my mother. After we left both train and bus, we continued to walk 100 years (well actually it was just two hours). We fought against wind, sticks and sprained ankles. It was hard but we made it. At the end, we didn’t arrive to cheers and gold medals but rather to chocolate and some fruit. Oh well, the feeling of triumph was still the same. I was later to meet my dear friend Zoé who had arrived later. She asked me why I “ran” up. I repeatedly told her that I only walked fast and that she was just simply “slow”. After a little while we had received a nice little speech from Mr Gambon, we were allowed to get our bags. Getting our bags felt like I was in a horde full of wild boars. Since everyone wanted to grab their bags and get the best bed. Us girls got a huge room on the first floor while the boys had a smaller room on the ground floor. The room suffocated me just looking at it. Clearly the boys needed a shower, same goes for the girls. We received a good meal from Mr Helfenberger which consisted of noodles and tomato sauce. That day everyone was sweaty. In the evening when it was time for bed, the boys had made their point across when they were banging on the ceiling. They annoyed us with that for the rest of the week. At night a few people had the honor to sleep in the kitchen, dining room and bathroom. Must have been a lovely experience with all those bugs and spiders. Well I’ll sadly have to leave now but I’m sure my friends will manage Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday just well!
(Eilidh 2Ag)

On Tuesday, we stood up at 7:30 a.m. At 8:00 o’clock we ate breakfast. We ate bread, Nutella, butter, jam, water and cocoa. At 9:30 a.m. we went hiking. We walked for about 4 hours – at least that’s how it felt. Then we took a short break. Then we walked again for 2 hours. On the top of the mountain we had lunch. Some fit guys went to Italy to buy cheese. The group of Mr Helfenberger walked down. The group of Mrs Meszaros left 1 hour later. When we arrived at home, the boys showered first, then the girls. At 6:30 p.m. we ate dinner. We had baked potatoes and roast chicken. We drank water and tea. At 9:30 p.m. we had to go to our rooms and at 10:00 p.m. we slept. Unfortunately, some people couldn’t go on the hike because they felt sick. They enjoyed a relaxing day at the house.
(Hélène and Zoé 2Ag)

On Wednesday, we woke up at 7:30 a.m. It was a rainy day. We ate breakfast. First, we played “Stop the bus” (Stadt, Land, Fluss) altogether and then we played different games in small groups. Some boys were fighting – 2 boys even had to go to the hospital. After eating soup for lunch, we walked to a beautiful meadow. There we played a scouting game. There were 3 groups. Each group had to steal their enemies’ ties and trade them for chocolate bars. After the game the girls returned to the house and the boys walked along the river. For dinner we had chicken curry with rice and chocolate cream.
(Kenny, Oguzhan, Justin, Noelia and Noemi 2Ag)

Thursday was a special day. We woke up at 7:30 a.m. We got ready and hiked down the mountain. At a place named “Alte Kaserne” we took a break and ate croissants for breakfast. After that we walked to Gondo through a gorge. In Gondo we got on a bus and drove to Domodossola in Italy. There we ate pizza in a restaurant. After lunch we had free time. We were allowed to shop things or something like that. After 1 hour we had to come back to the restaurant. Then we went to eat some ice cream. Then we returned to our camp house.
(Vanessa, Hümeyra, Zilan and Zino 2Ag)

On Friday, we woke up a 6:30 a.m. After eating breakfast, we cleaned the house. Then we hiked down to the “Alte Kaserne”. There we got on the bus that took us to the train station. On the train we played cards. The camp was a good experience!
(Ibrahim and Abraham 2Ag)

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Projekttage 17.&18. Februar 2020:

" 1Ed goes Chemistry" 

Fotoreporter: Simon Keller

  • IMG_2441
  • IMG_2439_1
  • IMG_2442
  • IMG_2444
  • IMG_2423
  • IMG_2428
  • IMG_2427
  • IMG_2438_1

Betriebsbesichtigung im Alterszentrum Birsfelden

Fotoreporter: Elia Nägeli, 2Ed

  • 20200124_134405
  • 20200124_160156
  • 20200124_134518
  • 20200124_135011
  • 20200124_144439
  • 20200124_135027

Adventssingen und Mottotag "Filmfiguren"

Fotoreporter: Andreas Schulthess

  • Schule-011
  • Schule-015
  • Schule-023
  • Schule-031
  • Schule-029
  • Schule-026
  • Schule-024
  • Schule-009

Gendertag-Zukunftstag am 14.11. :
Impressionen von einem abwechslungsreichen Tag

Fotoreporter/in: Matthias Gloor, Gabriele Schindl, Sara Mészáros, Tanja Felice, Natalie Theissen

  • IMG-20191114-WA0023
  • IMG_2729
  • IMG_1368
  • IMG-20191114-WA0020
  • IMG-20191114-WA0005
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Das Kalaivani Fest von der Tamilischen Schule Basel
Fotoreporterin: Bettina Tschäppät

  • IMG_20191023_142312
  • IMG_20191023_143018
  • IMG_20191023_143125
  • IMG_20191023_143144
  • IMG_20191023_144638

Das Schulforum in seiner neuen Zusammensetzung

Fotoreporter: Peter Bürki

Diashow: 50 Jahre Rheinpark - ein tolles Fest

Fotoreporter/in: Andreas Schulthess, Thomas Schmid, Gabriele Schindl

  • 20190906_Schulfest_50_Jahre_ Rheinpark-165
  • 20190906_Schulfest_50_Jahre_ Rheinpark-159
  • 20190906_Schulfest_50_Jahre_ Rheinpark-157
  • 20190906_Schulfest_50_Jahre_ Rheinpark-098
  • 20190906_Schulfest_50_Jahre_ Rheinpark-100
  • 20190906_Schulfest_50_Jahre_ Rheinpark-112
  • 20190906_Schulfest_50_Jahre_ Rheinpark-155
  • 20190906_Schulfest_50_Jahre_ Rheinpark-096
  • 20190906_Schulfest_50_Jahre_ Rheinpark-093
  • 20190906_Schulfest_50_Jahre_ Rheinpark-091
  • 20190906_Schulfest_50_Jahre_ Rheinpark-085
  • 20190906_Schulfest_50_Jahre_ Rheinpark-078
  • 20190906_Schulfest_50_Jahre_ Rheinpark-079
  • 20190906_Schulfest_50_Jahre_ Rheinpark-082
  • 20190906_Schulfest_50_Jahre_ Rheinpark-083


 Die Klasse 1Ec auf dem Skywalk Sattel-Hochstuckli
Fotoreporter: Hansi Glaser

Die Klassen 1Ag und 2Ag im Simplongebiet
Fotoreporterin: Laura Rampa

  • ag1
  • ag2
  • ag3
  • ag4
  • ag8
  • ag7
  • ag6
  • ag5

Die 3Pa in Arosa

Fotoreporter: Thomas Schmid

  • 3PA1
  • 3PA5
  • 3PA4
  • 3PA3
  • 3PA2

Die 2Pa auf dem Rigi und dem Vierwaldstättersee
Fotoreporterin: Malea Chenaux

  • 2pa1
  • 2pa2
  • 2pa3
  • 2pa4
  • 2pa5

Die Klasse 1Ed oberhalb Magden 

Fotoreporterin: Bettina Tschäppät